Monday, April 04, 2011

Zone Action Park - Lewisville

This past weekend, we took the kids to Zone Action Park on Hwy 407/Justin Road and I35 in Lewisville. I am always on the look out for outdoor family fun and since it was a gorgeous Saturday, mini-golf sounded perfect!

We arrived around 1:00 Saturday afternoon and walked through the buzzing arcade straight to the mini-golf counter. This was the same counter as the restaurant/cafe but we had no wait at all. Although they offered deals for parties of 10 or more (that included a number of combinations of access to food, mini-golf, their bounce houses, arcade game tokens and go-karts), there were only 6 in our party. Still, the cost was minimal - one round of mini-golf was $4.99 per person. For an extra $1.00 per person, we could have played unlimited mini-golf all day.

There were two different courses we could choose for our round of golf. Both courses seemed equally challenging; each hole was a par 2. We were disappointed in the condition of the courses. The fun fiberglass animals were all damaged in some way. The water features featured no water, except for small puddles at the lowest points. One of my children had the most fun locating other golf balls that were in bushes, under decrepit buildings or in the water holes. I put a stop to that when she came to me after being stuck by something under a building. A nail, perhaps?

After our round of golf, the boys decided they wanted to hit the batting cages. The batting cages had all ranges of speeds from slow to fast. Again there was no long wait to reserve our cage or get the necessary equipment. I would assume at larger facilities, in the Dallas area, on a beautiful Saturday, the story may have been different.

They enjoyed the batting cages before we decided to head inside for a quick bite to eat. The restaurant inside of Zone actually had quite a menu of delicious items to choose from. We decided on a large pizza and ice-cold Slush Puppies all around. Although the staff behind the counter seemed a bit frazzled, we were happy that the pizza and drinks were delivered to our tables in about 10-15 minutes. The pizza was actually pretty good and the delicious slushies cooled us from the heat. To feed all 6 of us was around $27.00. Not bad at all.

We went outside for a little while so the kids could burn off more energy. They decided against the available bounce houses because it was a rather warm day. None of us wanted to try the go-karts either but both the small car and larger car tracks were in use by other families. I've attended children's birthday parties at Zone and I know that the go-karts are a big hit.

We went back inside for the arcade games. For $20, we were given 100 game tokens to spend. Again, quite a deal for our value-seeking family. We played games for about another hour and a half, gathering up tickets for the trinket counter. Each child brought home a toy, a little extra sun-kissed skin and happy memories from our day.

All in all, we enjoyed our time at Zone. I wish the mini-golf course was as cool as they used to be, back in the day. No windmills or tricky shots there. But for the price and the ease of access/no wait? It was a great day to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Zone Action Park is located at 1951 Summit Ave. Lewisville, TX 75077. Phone number is 972-317-7373. Or you can visit their website (linked several times in the post as well):

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