Thursday, March 31, 2011

TX Rangers Opening Day

Just curious if anyone is going to Opening Day tomorrow at the ballpark?

Blue Anjou and You

I'm no yogi, but I do like to take a yoga class every now and then, particularly after beating up my body with  long runs, hard workouts or a night of overindulgence (or a combination of all three).  I like the detoxifying effects of Bikram yoga, but I will save that for another post.  This past Monday I was feeling very sore after starting my forefoot running technique, so I convinced Tonya to go with me to a 4:30 Hatha class at Blue Anjou Yoga Studio in Lewisville.  This was not a hard sell for Tonya since she goes to Blue Anjou regularly and has been doing yoga for years.  We headed over to Blue Anjou Yoga Studio in Lewisville for the 4:30 Hatha Yoga with Jan. 

Now this was not my first class at Blue Anjou, nor was it my first class with Jan, so I wasn't caught too off-guard when Jan extended a warm welcome hug to me. Although I am not a very huggie person, I very much enjoyed Jan's warm welcome.  Her hug said to me, "get your sore, tired ass in here.  I will help you stretch out and relax.  You deserve it!"  Honestly.  That is what it told me.

The studio is in the old downtown area of Lewisville, right next to Subway.  If you decide to go to an 11:30 class, be prepared to smell the fresh baked bread and don't be surprised if a 6 inch tuna on whole wheat drifts past you during Savasana.  You've been warned.

The small studio does not have a changing area - just a very large bathroom.  It seems that most people come already dressed, so Tonya and I both had ample room in the large bathroom to change quickly and get into the studio, which is slightly warm, but not hot.  Definitely would not recommend wearing anything too heavy, but I would suggest yoga pants or biker shorts - something clingy as you get awfully "bendy" in the hip area.  You will be barefoot as well.  And don't take a fiber pill before yoga.

All of the necessary equipment is there in the studio - mats, blocks, blankets, and these cool eye beanbag thingies that I haven't tried yet.

Our class was an hour long and ran a little longer.  Jan is a really good instructor, as she encourages you to work at your own pace, teaches to all different levels during the class, corrects your technique and helps out when she sees you struggling.  This class was a good speed for me, although they do have different levels and styles.

Blue Anjou is a small studio.  I think there were 7 of us there on Monday, including Jan.  If you enjoy a smaller atmosphere where most everyone knows each other, then this place is for you.  As I'm putting away my equipment, I notice these newly installed ropes on the wall that look like some form of Pilates or medieval torture device.  Tonya will be checking that out soon....

For more info, visit or call (469) 645-8555.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vitality Defined

vi·tal·i·ty definition
Pronunciation: /vī-ˈtal-ət-ē/
Function: n
pl -ties ; 1 : the peculiarity distinguishing the living from the nonliving
2 : capacity to live and develop
also : physical or mental vigor especially when highly developed

Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, © 2007 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

Happy Wednesday

So as I'm clearing off the cereal bowls from the kitchen table, I tell my 7 year old that I'm excited that today is Hump Day.  "Woo who, it's HUMP DAY!"  He looks at me funny and asks me what Hump Day is.  I try to explain that we are half-way through the work week.  Blank stare.  "You know...over the day closer to the weekend?"  This does not resonate with him as he is still staring through me.  I hold up my hand and explain, "The pinkie finger is Monday, Tuesday is your ring finger....see?  We're going up the hill!  Today is Wednesday - aha!  the top of the hill!  Thursday is your index finger and FRIDAY (wiggle, wiggle)  is the thumb!  Get it?  We are getting over the hump!"  I'm very proud of my quick explanation as he smiles and nods to let me know that he understands (or thinks I'm just crazy).

About  10 minutes later, I'm upstairs, finishing my makeup.  Howie is in his bathroom brushing his teeth (or running water over his toothbrush).  He appears in the doorway with his backpack over his shoulder, announcing that he is ready to go.  I turn around and he tells me, "You know, I think I'm going to call today middle-finger day." 

Happy Middle-Finger Day, y'all.  Hope it's a good one.