About the authors

Joan Bond is a mother, runner, sailor, hockey fan and all-things-fitness enthusiast. A former ballerina turned marathoner, Joan's interest in fitness began at an early age.  She owned and operated StrollerFit Dallas, a pre/post natal fitness program that incorporates strollers and babies.  Her quest to keep fitness interesting and to try new things has led her into big box gyms, private/personal training gyms, boxing lessons, yoga classes, kayaking, sailing, rollerblading and on and on.  Realizing that people's lives, interests and physical fitness levels are ever-changing, Joan seeks to discover all that the DFW fitness community has to offer.  Her goal is to share her experiences in the hopes that people all over the metroplex will seek out and enjoy these local gems (not necessarily gyms!) and live with verve, vigor and vitality.

Tonya Delano's interest in fitness began in her 20's in an attempt to lose the weight she gained in college. Running and lifting weights didn't change her body, however, yoga and a healthy diet did. After battling gestational diabetes and anemia during her pregnancies, she became more even aware of the effects of certain foods in her body. She also developed an interest in natural medicine, most specifically homeopathy, after becoming a mother to her 2 daughters. Recently, she began cycling and running, has completed several running and cycling events and 3 sprint triathlons. She is currently in training for another sprint triathlon with a few friends and documents her training on her blog. She hopes to share not only her training experiences, but also race reports, healthy meal ideas, natural medicine suggestions and family fitness activities. Let's raise our kids to live with verve, vigor and vitality!