Friday, April 01, 2011

Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit with Rica

As athletes, we all need time to nurture our bodies, right? I'm right in the middle of my running training and, sadly, not making time for as many yoga classes as I should. So, as a special treat of gratitude to my muscles, I decided to visit Seeds of Life for a much needed massage with my friend, Rica Potenz.

I do want to make note that Rica is a friend but, as with all of our reviews here, I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible.

Rica is not only a licensed massage therapist but also a Reiki master. Reiki is most commonly known as energy-healing work. Rica is also well versed in other modes of energy healing including CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Sound Therapy (with Crystal Bowls or Tuning Forks), Neuro Integration and Theta Healing. In other words, she has a multitude of ways to make sure you leave her massage table balanced and calm.

I wanted your basic relaxation massage. I only had an hour to myself before I had to rush home.

Rica works out of an old farm house near Old Town Lewisville. It is an adorable house that shares offices with the cabinet business next door. She rents a room that is decorated in soothing tones, candles and comfortable furnishings. She also has access to the kitchen and a bathroom. She immediately greeted me with a hug and we got our chatting out of the way before settling into the task at hand.

I explained to her how I was feeling, not only physically but emotionally as well. I knew she wouldn't have time for a full energy healing session during the massage but, as I expected, she did take her time to send positive thoughts and energy to those areas of my body needing extra love.

Her massage was the perfect combination of intense and gentle. My muscles tend to be extra sensitive - especially if I've leaned more toward cardio than yoga in my fitness routine. The great thing about Rica is that she will ask (as I expect all massage therapists to do) if she was using the right amount of pressure. I have also noticed that massage therapists WANT you to ask for what your body needs. Communicate! Because many people are body shy, I believe massage therapists have a typical fare of muscles they'll touch unless requested otherwise. For me, as a runner and cyclist in particular, I especially like more attention on my IT band and glutes. I specifically ask for extra attention there in all of my massages. This one was no exception.

All in all, the massage was exactly what my body needed. However, since I've had a massage from Rica before, I specifically wanted a finishing touch that only she has provided me in previous massages. I wanted a scalp massage and I wanted my hair pulled.

Now to the novice, I'm sure that sounds funny. But seriously, have you ever had someone run their fingers through your hair, massage your scalp gently and pull on handfuls of your hair as part of the scalp massage? Nothing. like. it. at. all.

Bottom line: ask for what you want and what your body needs (within reason, people! Keep your minds out of the gutter!) and your massage therapist will deliver. Well... if she's Rica, she will!

Rica can be reached at or at 972-333-4488. She works at 723 N. Cowan in Lewisville, across from Hillside Office Complex.

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