Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HD Contacts and Nike MaxSight

So I get a brochure in the mail from my awesome eye doctor @Dallas Eye Works.  It's for B&L PureVision2 contacts with HD Optics.  No. Freakin'. Way.  Really?!  Is that possible?!  My husband and I both look at the brochure in disbelief.  "INCREDIBLE VISION" it claims.  Wearers reported reduction in halos and glare in low light, including night driving.  I must try this.  Has anyone tried these?


B&L teased me before with their Nike MaxSight tinted sports contacts that I LOVED and were discontinued.  They were tinted contact lenses that you could wear outdoors instead of wearing sunglasses.  I guess there wasn't enough interest, so they were discontinued.  I found a FB page dedicated to bringing them back!!!  I would imagine that Triathletes would LOVE them.   You can join the movement here: 


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